"Sharing is the Key to Releasing the Soul"

    Philanthropy101 is the first completely automated, totally flawless software program that systematically supports your demonstration of building abundance through giving.  It thereby manifests and magnifies good back into your life. If you freely give you can freely receive!

    The Philanthropy101 FollowMe Forward System works like a snowball rolling down a big hill, as it continues to roll down the hill. It picks up speed and starts cycling faster and gets bigger and bigger.

    Be prepared to be proactive and get ready for positive changes to happen in your life. Philanthropy101 awaits to help you start living the abundant and prosperous life.

    This Activity will provide you with all of the following:

      • Totally Automated Tracking system

      • 100% Pledges go to the participant
      • You Choose Your Level(s) of Participation
      • Only a one-time Out-Of-Pocket Pledge
      • Electronic Pledge Send and Receive
      • Automatic Reentry
      • Automatic Follow Your Enroller
      • Automatic Progression
      • Team Support Both From Above and Below
      • Live and Pre-Recorded Training Calls
      • 21st Century Back Office

    Philanthropy – Is an activity or institution, intended to promote human welfare and increase the well being of all humankind through giving. The basics are real easy for you to follow and will set you up to receive over and over again, and can set you up to receive 10, 20, 100 times or more than Your Original Pledge Continuously And Indefinitely! Action Out – Benefits In!

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